Neoplast™ TPV Compound

is a dynamically vulcanized PP/EPDM material, combining the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with processability like thermoplastics.

Fully cured EPDM particles are finely dispersed in a polyolefin matrix, enabling the material to combine the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with processing ease of thermoplastics. The material is designed for ease of use across different plastic processes, while being 100% recyclable.

Neoplast™ offers balanced mechanical properties of low compression set and resiliency, high flexibility, flex fatigue behaviour, tear resistance, and tensile strength along with good weather resistance, all of which allows excellent design flexibility and freedom to reduce weight and total system costs compared to thermoset rubbers.

Neoplast™ range of grades are designed to bond with other polyolefin compounds during co-injection and co-extrusion, allowing designers to assimilate multi-component parts into a single component, while lower density reduces part weight and recyclability ensures zero wastage – all contributing towards reduced system costs, reduction in part processing as well as lowering carbon footprint.

Neoplast™ TPV are strong, flexible materials providing excellent sealing, aesthetics, long term performance compared to thermoset rubbers and PVCs.


Wide hardness range from 30 Shore A to 50 Shore D

Low density; range starts from 0.89 gms/cc

Wide service temperature range from -30°C to 125°C with good elastic recover, flex fatigue resistance

Excellent compression set and resiliency, along with high temperature resistance and long-term heat stability

Excellent resistance to weathering, UV and ozone, acids, bases, alcohols, water solutions, polar solvents, detergents etc.

Good abrasion resistance & high tear strength

Ease of processing on standard thermoplastics processing equipment with high flow for long & thin parts, shorter cycle times

100% Recyclable – Low scrap generation

Good colorability & surface quality – enhanced aesthetics / haptics

Low fogging, odour and coefficient of friction

Special grades include: Flame Retardant, Halogen Free, Electrical Properties – IR, VR; Metal Stabilized, FDA Compliant & Food Grades, Oil resistance, pharmacopeia compliant grades – meeting cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility, biocompatibility



Medical & Healthcare

Electronics & Electricals

Building & Construction



Range of grades suitable for body sealings, interiors, exteriors, under the hood and chassis components. Application range includes waist belt liners, glass run channels, roof ditch mouldings, quarter window seals, steering wheel, air bag covers, bumper air dam, gear knobs, dampners, gap hiders, mats, boots, pedals, lever handles, bellows, step mats, motor starters, buttons etc.
Range of compounds free from PVC, latex, BPA and ADM; compliant to ISO 10993, US FDA 21, RoHS & REACH suitable for syringe gaskets, medical stoppers, seals, closures and caps, anti-slip grip handles, and many more applications.
Range of grades to replace PVC including HOFR & HFFR, suitable for Wire & Cable – insulation & jacketing – welding cable, submersible cables, battery cables, trailing cables, load cell / censor cables, instrumentation cables, phase barrier, sealing gaskets, wiring harnesses, plugs & grommets, battery terminal connectors and many more such applications.
Range of grades that replace thermoset rubber and PVC for static and dynamic sealing, expansion joints, water stops, membranes, boots, bellows, liners, providing long term performance.
Servicing a wide range of applications like castor wheels, boots, bellows, diaphragms, dampners, engine mounts, coated fabrics, drip irrigation grommets, SWR pipe seals, poultry mats, hen pen covers, and many such products that require long term performance and durability across harsh environments.
Range of speciality compounds used for applications such as handle grips overmoulded on engineering plastic substrates, impact modifiers within consumer durables, pen grips, toys applications and many more.
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