Neoflex™ TPE Compound

is a range of thermoplastic elastomer made up of SEBS, SBS, SEEPS, SEPS, SIS rubbers and polyolefin plastic phase, providing a balance of softness, elastic recovery with thermoplastic processability

Neoflex is a range of thermoplastic elastomer compounds based on Styrene block co-polymers that include SBS, SEBS, SEPS, SEEPS, SIS, consisting of a two-phase system where the hard thermoplastic phase is coupled with soft elastomeric phase, providing combined properties of rubber like softness, feel and cold & hot elasticity along with strength and melt processability of a thermoplastic, while being 100% recyclable.

Neoflex™ range of TPE grades are typically low modulus, flexible materials that provide superior aesthetics – soft touch, soft feel, with balanced mechanical properties of tensile, tear, and compression set, along with good weather resistance.

Neoflex™ compounds provide lower weight components due to lower density as well as lower product cost due to ease of processing and opportunity for consolidation as the materials are designed to bond to olefins, polyamides, ABS, and other engineering plastics substrates.

Neoflex™ TPE are strong, flexible materials providing excellent aesthetics with translucency or vibrant colours and silky haptics along with long term performance compared to thermoset rubbers and PVCs.


Wide hardness range from 8 Shore A to 60 Shore D

Lower density, range starts at 0.90 gms/cc

Wide service temp from -40°C to 120°C

Good compression set and fatigue resistance, along with high elastic recovery within a wide temperature range

Good resistance to UV-aging, ozone, weathering, bases, acids, alcohols, water solutions, detergents etc.

Excellent scratch & abrasion with low coefficient of friction, as well as low fogging, odour and VOC

Soft Flexible & Dry Feel, Excellent Grip with superior colorability, aesthetics, translucency and transparency

Ease of processing on standard thermoplastics processing equipment with high flow for long & thin parts, shorter cycle times

100% Recyclable – Low scrap generation

Superior colorability, aesthetics, translucency and transparency

Operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +100/120°C; high elastic recovery within a wide temperature range

Special grades include: Flame Retardant, Anti-Static, Compliant to RoHS, REACH ISO 10993, US FDA 21, USP, Food Grade, Adhesion to to non-polar substrates ABS, PPO, POM, PA, PS and metals



Medical & Healthcare

Building & Construction



Range of grades suitable for body sealings, interiors, exteriors, under the hood and chassis components. Applications include steering wheel, bumper air dam, bottle / cup holders, gear knobs, gap hiders, mats, lever handles, step mats, mirror gaskets, door handle gaskets, knobs & buttons etc.
Range of compounds free from PVC, latex, BPA and ADM; compliant to ISO 10993, US FDA 21, RoHS & REACH suitable for syringe gaskets, medical stoppers, seals, closures and caps, medical tubing, oxygen / breathing masks, IV system components, anti-slip grip handles, and many more applications.
Range of grades that replace thermoset rubber and PVC for static and dynamic sealing, expansion joints, water stops, coated fabrics, boots, bellows, liners, providing long term performance.
Servicing a wide range of applications like castor wheels, boots, bellows, diaphragms, dampners, coated fabrics, drip irrigation grommets, SWR pipe seals, and many such products that require long term performance and durability across harsh environments.
Range of speciality compounds used for applications such as handle grips overmoulded on engineering plastic substrates, impact modifiers within consumer durables, pen grips, toothbrush grips, shaver grips, toy applications and many more.
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