CompSpec™ Rigid and Flexible Sheets

is a range of thermoplastic sheets & composite laminates based on various chemistries

CompSpec™ range of rigid and flexible sheets are formulated using a range of polymers and elastomers, creating unique specifications to meet demanding performance characteristics such as flame retardancy, weatherability, impact resistance, scratch and mar resistance and many more. CompSpec™ range includes very low hardness and flexible to very hard/rigid sheets, co-extruded in 3 layers, bi and tri-laminated, reinforced range for different applications. The chemistries include Flexible TPO, Rigid TPO, TPV, TPE, ABS, ABS+PMMA, ABS+PC, and many more others.
The sheets are designed for high draw, low thinning, thermoformed and vacuum formed applications for automotive, railways, appliances, building/construction, packaging and industrial uses.
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