Neolloy™ TPO Compound

is a heterophased alloy of elastomer phase and crystalline phase, providing a balance of elasticity with rigidity & impact

Neolloy is primarily a blend of amorphous elastomer and crystalline thermoplastics based on a broad range of base chemistries modified with reinforcements, performance additives; imparting exceptional toughness at low temperatures with a balance of impact, stiffness and tensile. These materials also provide excellent insulation from noise, vibration, harshness and heat.

These compounds are lightweight with high resistance to weathering, chemicals, superior haptics and aesthetics – colourable with controlled gloss, and versatile providing both rigid and flexible properties – making it an excellent replacement to flexible PVC and rigid ABS.

This balance of properties makes Neolloy™ highly suitable for applications in automotive, defence, construction, packaging, appliances, poultry and consumer.


Wide hardness range from 60 Shore A to 75 Shore D

Low Density; range starts from 0.88 gms/cc

Excellent toughness at low temperatures

Good scratch, mar and abrasion resistance

Excellent resistance to UV, ozone, weathering, acids, bases, alcohols, water solutions, detergents etc

Superior colourability, dry feel and soft haptics, with controlled gloss as required

Ease of processing on standard thermoplastics processing equipment with high flow for long & thin parts, shorter cycle times

100% Recyclable – Low scrap generation

Special grades include: compounds for TPO Skin, TPO Roofing Membranes, Thermoformed Interior & Exterior Components – ABS Replacement, High NVH & Dampening properties, Flame Retardant, Food Grades, FDA compliant, Anti-static, Dissipative and Conductive compounds



Wire & Cable

Building & Construction


Range of grades suitable for interiors, exteriors, under the hood and chassis components – including thermoformed applications such as wheel arch liners, mud flaps, front fascia, front grills, light bezels, wind deflector, bumpers, rear light bezels, tractor canopy, roofs (golf carts, 3 wheelers), thermoformed dashboard / instrument panel – soft+hard co-extruded, parcel shelf, side panels, rear panels, pillar trims, trunk trims, seat back trims, carpets, washable roof headliners, luggage trims, washroom trims, AC vents and ducts, soft touch TPO skins and many more.
Range of compounds for mechanical control cables, wiring harnesses, sheathings and cable guides, thermoformed covers and encasings for devices, meters and panels.
Range of TPO membranes for roofing providing heat shielding and waterproofing, TPO tensile fabrics for tensile structures – lasting over 20 years, coated liners for ponds, water bodies, water tanks, green podiums and green roofs, basement and retaining walls and many more.
Neolloy has a large range of grades specifically to service industrial applications motor housings, chemical storage tank liners, fume extractors ducts, water storage tank liners, insulation panels for cold rooms, wall claddings, mats for electrical panels, clean room floorings, washing machine back & bottom covers, refrigerator exterior door, dishwasher panels, dryer panels, packaging trays, pallets, internal dividers, industrial boards, conductive & dissipative trays, anti-static trays, many such products that require long term performance and durability across harsh environments.
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