Very few industries are as demanding as automotive is. For more than 35 years, Zylog has been servicing challenging needs from global and domestic OEMs, with various formulations approved for applications in Interior, Exterior, Under the hood and chassis areas.

Zylog cooperates with major auto manufacturers and Tier I customers in the development of materials and advanced systems for increasing sustainability and energy efficiency.

We are the go-to company for the automotive sector in India for TPV, TPE and TPO materials, offering our large product basket of over 500 formulations and colours, making us the perfect partner for auto part makers.


ELV Considerations – Sustainability and Performance

Haptics, Fit & Finish; Colourability & Harmony


Lightweighting, lower density material with toughness & longevity

Excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance

Pthalate free, non PVC materials

Low carbon footprint – low energy & resource consumption in the entire supply chain

Consolidate & reduce parts and processes




  • Bumper Extensions
  • Hood To Cowl Seals
  • Mirror Gaskets
  • Door Handle Seals
  • Spoilers & Trims
  • Mud Flaps
  • Step Mats
  • Fenders
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Under The Hood

  • Air Duct System
  • Control Cables
  • Air Dams
  • Plug, Bumpers & Grommet
  • Tubes & Connectors
  • Fuel Line Systems
  • Dust Covers I Bellows
  • Starter Motor Connectors
  • Fuel Filler Housing Seal
  • Electrical Housing Seal
  • Headlight Seals
  • Wiper Systems
  • Chassis Undercover
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  • Mats & Cup Holders
  • Handles, Grips & Knobs
  • AC Vent Thumb Wheels
  • AC Deflectors Flaps
  • Steering Column Cover
  • Gap Hiders
  • Steering Wheel
  • Horn pad
  • Air Bag Cover
  • Bin Mats
  • Pedal Grips
  • Cable Ducts & Conduits
  • Floor Mats Thermoformed
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Weather Seals

  • Roof Ditch Molding
  • Sunroof Seals
  • Windshield
  • Glass Encapsulation
  • Quarter Window
  • Waist Belt Inner
  • Wait Belt outer
  • End Cap & Corner Molding
  • Glass Run Channel
  • Gap Hiders
  • Tailgate Trunk
  • Fenders
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Our Customers

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