Electrical and electronic industry is demanding thermoplastic elastomers more than ever. From wire & cable to handheld devices and wearables, Zylog’s grades are being widely specified, meeting stringent performance from insulation, volume resistivity, flame retardancy to impact resistance and enhanced haptics

We are helping our customers replace PVC and thermoset rubbers, helping them reduce weight, manage heat and oil resistance, flame retardancy, EMI / RFI shielding, while enabling them to innovate to meet new requirements.

With the ability to meet diverse regulatory and statutory requirements, we draw on our wide range of chemistries to find the best solution for your needs. Several  of our grades are UL certified


Resistant & Durable

High Continuous Service temperature -50°C to 125°C

No cracking or tackiness & excellent flexibility in extreme temperatures

Heat Ageing – 150°C / 168 hours – < 20% change in Tensile & Elongation

Resistant to Chemicals, ASTM Oils, Rodents, Ozone & Weathering

Good Insulation

Volume Resistivity @ 500 V, 1015 – 1016 Ω

Dielectric Strength – 30 to 35 KV / mm

Breakdown Voltage > 15 KV

Flame Retardant

HOFR & HFFR Compounds, Lower Sp. Gravity than conventional FR

Compounds; V0, V1 & V2 at 1.5 / 3.0 mm

UL 94 Compliant, Low Smoke Density, High Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)

No dangerous residues on Oxidation

Green Material

Free from Lead, Halogens, Heavy Metals and Phthalate Esters

RoHS & REACH Compliant, Non hazardous with easy recyclability


Wire & Cables


Seals & Gaskets


  • Battery Cables
  • Ignition Cables
  • Fusible Link Cables
  • Mechanical Control Cables
  • Welding Cables: MIG, MAG, ARC
  • Trailing Cables
  • Submersible Cables
  • Load Cell / Sensor Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Robotic Cables (High flex life)
  • Battery Booster Cable
  • Phase Barrier
  • Plugs & Connectors
  • Grommets & Boots
  • Dampers & Diaphragms
  • Strain Reliefs
  • Gaskets for Panels
  • Wire Harness Components
  • Dust Covers
  • Electric Meter Housing Seals
  • Outdoor Switch Seals
  • Soft Grips over tools
  • Housing Overmolding
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