Zylog Plastalloys Announces Company Name Change to Zylog ElastoComp to Reinforce Its Focus on Thermoplastic Elastomers

Zylog Plastalloys, India based manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers & olefin composites, announced that it is renamed to Zylog ElastoComp, effective June 1, 2018.

In 2016, Zylog consciously exited the polypropylene (PP) compounding business to focus on its other business verticals of Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds, Specialty Sheets & Laminates and Moulded Components. Further, as part of restructuring exercise, the shareholders decided to merge different group companies under a single entity, thus consolidating the business and operations, technology, product portfolio, and unlocking value for all stakeholders. As part of this exercise, the merged entity was re-branded with a new company name and updated logo to relate to its new product and business strategy going forward. Zylog Plastalloys and Zylog Composites were merged to create Zylog ElastoComp.


About Zylog ElastoComp

Zylog ElastoComp is dedicated to collaborate with customers to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions. Zylog’s expertise and technology of over 3 decades is utilized by customers in markets of automotive, healthcare and medical devices, home appliances, wire and cable, building and construction, consumer goods and many more. Post restructuring, with a total processing capacity of over 12,000 tons / year, Zylog now operates the following verticals:


1. Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds:

Zylog manufactures a range of TPE compounds based on various polymer and elastomer chemistries, under its following brands

NEOPLAST™ … range of TPV compounds based on PP/EPDM & other elastomers
NEOFLEX™ … range of TPE compounds, primarily based on SBC
NEOLLOY™ … range of TPO compounds


2. Specialty Sheets and Composite Laminates

Under the brand of CompSpec™, Zylog manufactures and sells a variety of TPO based sheets and laminates for thermoformed parts and components.


3. Waterproofing Membranes & Profiles for Building / Construction Industry

In 2017, Zylog launched GreenShield™ range of polymeric waterproofing products to service the building and construction industry, based on Zylog’s extensive material technology & know-how.

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